My beautiful Family

My beautiful Family

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello!  I have decided to start this over again, a new start and since no one read the previous posts, I deleted them, my blog and I can do what I want ;)

So here are my introductions to my life with a few pics so that as I go further along, you will know who I am talking about.

This is me and the love of my life, my wonderful husband of 6 years (as of 5 days ago).  He is the most wonderful husband in the whole world.  He is my support system and I don't know what I would do without him.  Together we have our own business and ministry, we are both ordained pastors and do everything for God's glory.  As you can tell, I am just a little proud of my hunny bunny.

This, is Haley, yes she is going to be mad at me for using this picture, but it totally describes the thinking of a 16 year old, the oldest child of 6.  The look says it all.  But in reality, she is a great kid, we are getting ready to go through getting her license (I am far to young to have a kid driving!).  She gets straight A's is taking 2 college credit classes, she does community service with her school and is already working toward getting scholarships so we don't have to pay for college for her!  I couldn't be more proud of her if she was biologically my own.

This is Taylor (Tae), she is 12 and just moved in with us this summer, she is a person all of her own.  Very headstrong and outspoken, not afraid to tell you what she thinks.  She has the biggest heart for the underdog I have ever seen in a 12 year old.  Since moving in here with us, she has blossomed into such a great person, I can't wait to watch her grow up into a great woman.

This is Rebecca, she is 11 and is the biggest ham!  She sees a camera and automatically strikes the goofiest poses.  She is such an amazing kid, I love her with all my heart, I have never met anyone like her.  She has never met a stranger (yes that impresses and terrifies me at the same time) and she loves everyone she has ever met.  And smart!  Man is this girl smart!  But blonde!  She cracks me up with some of the things that she says, trust me, you will understand as this blog goes further in detail.

This is my Sam-a-lam-a-ding-dong (she hates it, but secretly loves it when I call her that).  She is 8 going on 30.  This kid is soemthing else, she loves to be loved, she always wants to be hugging, kissing, be carried, sit on top of, hang off of, be under your feet so that she knows that you are close by, loving and be loved kind of kid.  The most famous Sam quote "I love dolphins" just randomly shouted out at the strangest times.  I love this girl!

Introducing Sierra.  She is 4 and thinks that she is much older than she is.  She loves to be the little mommy.  There is such a big personality in such a little body.  Her favorite thing to do is to sing and dance.  She would sing all day long if you let her.  She love hugs and kisses, but doesn't like strangers.  She loves baseball and absolutely loves Captain, the Ranger's mascot.

Introducing, Ella Bella.  She is 3 and our last baby.  What can I say about this little angel baby?  No matter what mood you are in, when she looks at you and smiles, the whole room lights up and everything that has been bothering you just melts away in those baby blue eyes.  She is such a sweet baby.  Her whole world revolves around Veggietales, music, dancing, dressing up and running around screaming at the top of her lungs.  She is the one who makes sure that the house is not clean and not quiet at all times, but I don't know what I would do without her, life would be so dull.

So this is my world.  My life, my heart.  My reason for living, breathing and getting up every day.  My heart never knew it could hold so much joy and love in it.  My days are long and some seem to never end, some are hectic, some days it seems like I haven't done anything at all.  Some days I am doing good to just get out of bed and get the kids dressed (or myself for that matter as I type this in my pj's), and others everything seems to just go right, up, house clean, all things taken care of for the day and the kids go down to bed early so my hunny and I can watch a move (rare days).  But to be totally honest, I wouldn't trade even the worst day for anything in the world.

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